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Whale Watch Cabo is the only dedicated Whale Watch Company in Cabo San Lucas – it’s all we do!

Whale Watch Cabo offers unique Whale watch tours:



cabo whale conservationCabo San Lucas Whale Watching Tours departing from the Cabo San Lucas Marina may be one of the best places in the world to encounter Whales. The Cabo whale watching season runs December 15 to April 15. Our tours aim to be fun, educational, and respectful, while supporting whale conservation. Whale Watch Cabo is a Founding Partner in the World Cetacean Alliance working to end Cetacean Captivity while improving the sustainability of global Whale Watching Tour Operations.

Free Whale Watch Pictures

Free Whale Watching Tour Photos - During Cabo San Lucas Whale watching tours our guides take high quality photos of the Whales, Dolphins, other marine life, and guests. Whale Watch Cabo uses the Humpback Whale photos to assist the Los Cabos Whale Conservation Society in expanding the Los Cabos Humpback Whale ID catalog. We offer these tour photos to our guests you for free via DropBox a few days after your tour.

cabo whale watching guaranteeWhale Watch Cabo loves responsibly introducing our Guests to the wonderful Whales of Los Cabos. Whale Watch Cabo offers the only Whale Sightings Guarantee in all of Los Cabos! Our staff of Marine Biologists and Naturalists follow a respectful and non-invasive approach to encountering Whales which met with great success allowing the Whales to chose close encounters on their own terms, often resulting in longer, more natural encounters led by the Whales own curiosity, the best approach to Cabo Whale Watching.

Whale Watch Cabo Award 2014

Award Winner 2012-2013-2014

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  • "See a Whale or Dolphin with a responsible operator and you will be inspired to care about the marine environment and support those working to protect it. The World Cetacean Alliance is a powerful coalition of individuals, businesses and organisations working towards best practice and sustainability in Whale and Dolphin watching tourism. We intend to have a positive influence on the way we view Whales and Dolphins. Together we are the global voice for Whales and Dolphins."–Dylan Walker, Co-founder, World Cetacean Alliance

Whale Watch | Cabo San Lucas | Small Group Tour | Private Boat Tour | Magdalena Bay


Whale Watching Cabo San Lucas/Los Cabos Small Group Tours


Small group Cabo San Lucas 2.5 hour Whale watching tours depart from the Cabo San Lucas Marina daily. In Los Cabos this allows our guests the best chances to encounter both Humpback Whales and Gray Whales. Join our Marine Biologist staff on one of our small group Cabo San Lucas Whale watching tours (10 adult guests max per boat) – plus we include the tour photos for FREE to all of our guests!

2.5 Hour tours depart daily at 8:15am, 11:30 am and 2:45pm from the Cabo San Lucas Marina

Group Whale Watch Tour Prices for adults/children 6-12 are $89/$59 VISA/MC
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  • Tours start with visiting the Bay and Marine Park of Cabo San Lucas
  • View all the sights – The Arch, Lands End, Lovers & Divorce Beaches
  • Watch the California Sea Lions and visit their Colony Rock
  • Visit the Marine Bird Nesting areas of Lands End
  • Then it’s off to encounter the wonderful whales of Cabo!


Whale Watching Cabo San Lucas/Los Cabos Private Boat Tours


Cabo San Lucas private boat Whale watching tours are very popular with families, small groups and photographers. Choosing a Los Cabos private boat Whale watching trip allows for a more customized and personalized experience when encountering the Whales of Los Cabos. Especially for families with small children, private boat Whale watching tours can be arranged to ensure the best experience centered on what your family prefers.

2.5 hour Private boat tours are conducted on the same Whale watching boats we use for our small group tours – equipped with; cushioned seats, canvas roof, marine toilet, and glass bottom viewing ports. Of course we include all the photos taken on your private boat Cabo San Lucas Whale watching tour!

2.5 Hour Private Boat tours depart daily at 8:15, 11:30 and 2:45 from the Cabo San Lucas Marina

Cabo Private Boat Whale Watch Tour Prices are per Boat – depending on the number of guests:

  • 1 – 2 Guests is $399
  • 3 – 4 Guests is $499
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  • 5 – 7 Guests is $699
  • 7 – 10 Guests is $799
  • 11 – 13 Guests is $899


Whale Watching Magdalena Bay Gray Whale Nursery Tours


Magdalena Bay Gray Whale Watching tours are not to be missed! Each year the only global population of Gray Whales returns to the lagoons and Bays of the Baja to mate and give birth. Amazingly, under protection from being hunted Gray Whales have been reported as recovering to their pre-whaling population!

But what is best known about the Gray Whales of Magdalena Bay is their inquisitive nature, especially Mother and Baby Gray Whale pairs. In these sheltered waters it is common to have baby Gray Whales approach the boat, escorted by mother, close enough to look into their peaceful eyes! A touching moment you can only have here in the Baja.

Whale Watch Cabo offers two options to visit the Magdalena Bay Gray Whale nursery. Every Wednesday and Friday during February and March Whale Watch Cabo offers its own Marine Biologist led van tour to Magdalena Bay. On demand from late January through March Whale Watch Cabo offers a flight tour which is run by a fellow local business that has been offering this tour for many years, Whale Watch Cabo is pleased to be their online booking agent.

Magdalena Bay Gray Whale Tours run late January through March

  • Magdalena Bay Flight Tours - $549/$495 USD Adult/Child – no discount available
  • Magdalena Bay Van Tours  - $365/$325 USD Adult/Child – 20% discount available

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