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Cabo San Lucas Whale Watching Boats

whale watching map cabo san lucasExperience a world class whale watching adventure with our professional Captains and Guides. Whale Watch Cabo’s Boats are Super Panga’s and Zodiacs that have been chosen to ensure our guests the best experience while minimizing impact on the Whales and Dolphins environment. The best Whale watching boats in Cabo San Lucas allow for up close encounters, a small sound footprint, and a position close to the water to see the Dolphins and Whales.

A small sound footprint ensures minimal stress on the Whales and Dolphins. Our boats are certified for between 14 and 22 guests, depending on which boat. However, we limit the number of guests to just 10-14 adult guests per boat to ensure everyone the best exprience. We hope you will agree, the Whales and Dolphins are best viewed on one of our small group boats up close and intimate, with space to move around and enjoy!

Our Super Pangas
Our Zodiac Boat
Competitor Zodiac
Competitor Boat
Certified Whale Watching License Yes! Yes! Some Some
Underwater hydrophone system to listen to singing whales Yes! Yes! Some Some
Fast boats with extended range Yes! Yes! Some No
Canvas roof to avoid too much sun Yes! Half No Some
Whale Sightings Guarantee! Yes! Yes! No No
Environmentally responsible 4 stroke engines Yes! Yes! Some Some
Easy entry boat design Yes! No No Some
Cushioned bench seats for a comfortable ride Yes! Yes! Some Some
Extra space on boat to move around Yes! No No Some
Free extra tour time when conditions dictate Yes! Yes! Some No
On board marine toilet Yes! No No Some
Comfortable jacket style custom life jackets Yes! Yes! No No
EPIRB – Off Shore Emergency Beacon Yes! Yes! No Some

Cabo San Lucas Premium Whale Watching Tour Boats

The best boats for Cabo San Lucas whale watching tours are small, fast, maneuverable and comfortable. You can view the Whales and Dolphins from up close and enjoy the feeling of a more natural encounter. Whale Watch Cabo’s non-invasive encounter techniques, results in longer, more natural experiences for our guests. Sometimes the Whales and Dolphins even approach our boats, showing their natural curiosity. This kind of experience is usually only experienced when Whale watching on smaller boats.

Another advantage of small Whale watching boats is that they’re quicker and more maneuverable. This makes it possible to quickly approach an area where there are active Whales or Dolphins and enjoy their amazing behaviors. Whales and Dolphins engaged in heightened activity levels may not continue for a long time, so being able to maneuver quickly is often the difference between seeing a breaching Humpback Whale up close or just the splash from a distance.

Be Whale Aware

Please understand that when we view the whales and dolphins in their natural environment we are guests in their home and so we must follow a strict set of viewing guidelines in order to respect their natural life processes. Yes the whales do sometimes get close due to their inquisitive behavior, but we are dealing with wild animals so we cannot guarantee behaviors, only that we will be able to enjoy the beauty the whales and dolphins choose to share with us.