Whale Photo Gallery | Cabo San Lucas | Magdalena Bay | Free Photos

Whale Watch Cabo’s team of Whale Naturalist Guides are all accomplished Photographers as well. During each of our tours you can rest assured that our Guides will be taking photos of the Whales, Dolphins and all the wonderful Marine Wildlife we encounter for you. The best thing? These wonderful Whale photos are free! We know how wonderful it can be to just relax and immerse yourself in the moment, knowing that you will get many great photos after the tour.

Below is a collection of some of our favorite images our Whale Naturalist Guides have taken on our tours. Not every tour is filled with encounters and moments like these! If you are traveling to Cabo San Lucas to ‘meet the Whales’ we recommend joining us for several tours for the best opportunity to witness some amazing activity.

Please be Whale Aware and understand that when we view the whales and dolphins in their natural environment we are guests in their home and so we must follow a strict set of viewing guidelines in order to respect their natural life processes. Yes the whales do sometimes get close due to their inquisitive behavior, but we are dealing with wild animals so we cannot guarantee behaviors, only that we will be able to enjoy the beauty the whales and dolphins choose to share with us.