Los Cabos Whale Watching Tours

//Los Cabos Whale Watching Tours

Los Cabos Whale Watching Tours

The Los Cabos Whale watch tour season is now 4 weeks into all the excitement of Humpback Whale encounters. So far this year, as expected, we have been blessed with many wonderful days with sunshine, lots of Humpback whales, and happy guests on our Los Cabos Whale Watching Tours.

Whale Watch Cabo is the only dedicated Whale Watching Company in Los Cabos. It’s all that we do and our singular area of expertise.

The Whale Watch Cabo staff of guides are all Marine Biologists. This means that not only are our guests treated to knowledge and experienced guides, but our staff ensures our guests of a greater, deeper understanding of the Whales, their incredible lives and journeys.

To date, all of our Whale Watching Tours have seen whales. We endeavor to be humble when calculating our efforts to encounter wild animals. Nature often has its own plan. But that is why we offer a Whale Watching Guarantee. If no Whales are seen on your Los Cabos Whale Watching Tour, we invite you back, space and time permitting, to go out again and see the wonderful whales of Los Cabos.

So far, in 3 years and thousands of tours, this has happened twice only. So the odds are pretty good!

What about cetacean sightings reports for the first 4 weeks? So far this year we have seen:

  • Humpback Whales on every tour (including 4 new born baby Humpbacks)
  • Bottlenose Dolphins on many tours
  • Pantropical Spotted Dolphins on a few tours
  • Common Dolphins on a few tours
  • Orca on one tour

There have been many Humpback Whale mating groups encountered – or what you may know as a ‘Heat Run’. This can be very exciting as the males shove and maneuver for position and the chance to mate.

There have been quite a few ‘boat muggins’ as well – about 1 per week. This happens when we encounter a whale (or two) in an inquisitive state. When this occurs the whale can spend over an hour next to, under and around the boat. Moving very slowly the whale may roll on its side, spy hop, swim under and look up through the glass bottom ports of our boats! Nothing more amazing than being eye to eye with a curious Humpback Whale.

So that is whats been happening with Whale Watch Cabo’s Los Cabos Whale Watching tours so far during the 2014 Whale watching season. We have just heard rumors of Gray Whales just north of us along the Baja and expect to report our first Gray Whale encounters any day now.

Check our Facebook page for daily pictures and reports of what we encounter on our Los Cabos Whale Watching Tours.

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