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Whale Watching Cabo San Lucas

//Whale Watching Cabo San Lucas

Whale Watching Cabo San Lucas

Whale Watching Cabo San Lucas is not the same as you may encounter elsewhere. We are often asked about how often we see whales on our tours (last year, from December 15 to April 15th, on 100% of our tours!) or what makes whale watching here so unique. While we are dealing with nature, and nature has a wonderful way of surprising us again and again, here are some guidelines for what whale watching in Cabo San Lucas is like with Whale Watch Cabo, what we can reasonably predict you will see and what makes whale watching here one of the best experiences whale watching in the world.

One thing to know about whale watching in Cabo San Lucas, is that this is a very special place for encountering whales. Cabo San Lucas sits at the tip of the Baja Peninsula separating the Sea of Cortez from the Pacific Ocean. While the Pacific Ocean is the highway that many Humpback and Gray whales take to travel between their home here in Mexico and their feeding grounds in Alaska, the Sea of Cortez is a very real whale sanctuary. The meeting of these two bodies of water creates a oceanic highway super junction, and it is this area of concentration that makes whale watching in Cabo San Lucas so unique.

The Sea of Cortez is still one of the most biologically intact seas in the world. Here many whales of different species spend time, most notably the population of Humpback and Gray whales explodes from December through April. However, approximately 75% of all cetacean (whale and dolphin species) can be found in the Sea of Cortez, so there are always whales around Cabo throughout the year. On some whale watching Cabo San Lucas tours we even see Sperm, Fin, Blue and Killer Whales (Orcas). Dolphins and Porpoise are fairly common as well. Some days our whale watching cabo san lucas tours could be better called Cabo Marine Wildlife Tours 😉

It is into this whale super highway junction that we run whale watching tours. Another aspect that makes encountering whales here so unique has to do with the why the whales are here in Los Cabos. The whales return home to their place of birth every year to mate, give birth and generally cavort with each other. These are some of natures strongest animal motivations and the whales, especially the Humpback whales, spend tremendous energy in displaying their emotive state physically. We are sure everyone has seen photos of a Humpback launching itself completely from the water and making a tremendous splash. But until you have been up close to such an amazing display, you cannot truly appreciate the sheer power and elation of experiencing such an incredible feat.

During the whale watching Cabo San Lucas season we are treated, often daily, to more than just whales passing by with their backs exposed as they breathe or their tails up as they dive. We often see other amazing and powerful whale behaviors like; breaching, tail slapping, tail lunging, spy hopping and flipper slaps. The Humpbacks are by far the most expressive of all whale species and it is here in Cabo San Lucas when the population of whales swells that we are so lucky to encounter all of these wild displays of natures strongest whale desires, to impress each other and find a mate.

Join our team of Marine Biologist guides from December through April for inspired and amazing whale watching Cabo San Lucas tours. While we cannot guarantee Humpback whales breaching on every tour, we do guarantee that we will find whales for you to enjoy a wonderful encounter with. As every tour is different, we do recommend joining us on several whale watching tours to see different whales and displays. Whale watching Cabo San Lucas is a sensational adventure that you will cherish for a long time, might as well make the most of your time here in Los Cabos and join us for where the real action is!


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