2013 Cabo Whale Watching Season Review

//2013 Cabo Whale Watching Season Review

2013 Cabo Whale Watching Season Review

To start the 2013 whale watching season review for Whale Watch Cabo we would like to first thank all of the wonderful people who went whale watching with us this season. On behalf of all of us at Whale Watch Cabo a heartfelt thanks for joining us, we wish everyone many more wonderful whale encounters in the future, be it here in Cabo San Lucas, the Baja or around the world.

Secondly, I wish to extend a thank you and a congratulations to our staff; Guides and Captains both. Your dedication to ensuring fun, informative and intimate encounters with the wonderful whales of the Baja not only impressed many of our guests, but saw Whale Watch Cabo top the list of activities as voted by our guests on Trip Advisor this year! An outstanding achievement, especially as it was our guests sharing their experiences with our Guides and Captains that earned Whale Watch Cabo this award.

Now, how about the whales? Well, they arrived earlier than expected (late November), calved earlier than in previous years (and in greater numbers) and departed from Cabo San Lucas about one week earlier than expected as well. In Los Cabos the season was dominated by encounters with Humpback Whales, the Gray Whales less predominant as in years past. Guests to Los Cabos were treated to more baby Humpback whales than in years past, but less mating competitions. So next year we expect the opposite, more mating competitions (which is good for watching acrobatic Humpback males strut their stuff) and fewer mother and baby pairs.

As well, guests whale watching with us this year in Cabo San Lucas were treated to more species than in years past as well. On numerous occasions we encountered Sperm and Blue Whales – the Sperm Whales appeared earlier in the season, the Blue Whales more in March. As well we encountered Bryde’s Whales and pods of Orca’s/Killer Whales – again, early in the season. Many tours encountered dolphin species; Bottlenose, and both Long and Short Nose Common Dolphins – one lucky tour even spent an our with a group of False Killer Whales!

This last year we began offering tours to encounter mother and baby Gray Whales in their nursery waters of the lagoons and bays north of Cabo on the Pacific coast of the Baja. These tours were a HUGE success, this was a record year for Gray Whale births and the action was wonderful – many amazing encounters with inquisitive baby Gray Whales approaching our boat and delighting our guests. For the 2014 whale watching season Whale Watch Cabo will again be offering tours to encounter the mother and baby pairs of Gray Whales, both by small charter aircraft and by private van in our standard small groups.

Our guides also were busy throughout the season collecting Visual ID photos for the first Humpback Whale Catalog to be created in the Cabo San Lucas region. This is part of our dedication to learning about and protect the wonderful whales that visit Los Cabos to breed and give birth every year. During the off season our staff are compiling the database and hope to expand our effort by asking other whale watching companies to join us in our efforts during the seasons to come.

 So it was simply a wonderful season for Cabo San Lucas whale watching in 2013. We are looking forward to next years whale watching season here in Cabo San Lucas and Magdalena Bay. If you have not yet been to Cabo or the Baja and encountered the wonderful whales, amazing variety of marine life, endless days of sunshine and dramatic desert scenery, than we hope you will be joining Whale Watch Cabo next year for the 2014 Cabo San Lucas whale watching season.

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