Breaching Baby Humpback Whale Tours and More!

//Breaching Baby Humpback Whale Tours and More!

Breaching Baby Humpback Whale Tours and More!

Both Janneke and Peter are pleased to have been busy with lots of happy whale watching enthusiasts over the past two weeks here in Cabo San Lucas. There were many whale watching tours that got to see the baby Humpback whales, a real treat, often they are so inquisitive and playful, they seem to embody the joy of living. We hope that Whale Watch Cabo’s unique approach to minimizing the invasiveness of whale encounters with education and data collection together with a fun and experienced crew of biologists will entice you to step off the huge boats and join our little whale watching tours!

Last week it was unusually choppy on the whale encounter tours but we were blessed with hearty souls who braved the waves and came away with great memories. Typically days in Cabo, home of the local motto ‘No Bad Days’, means calm seas and lots of sunshine. If you are considering a whale watching tour in Los Cabos and get easily seasick we recommend the 8am booking. At this time the seas are usually as calm as they will be during the day and there are less boats out looking for the Gray and Humpback whales as well.

As we last reported the baby Humpback whales were beginning to arrive in Cabo, at a mere 10 feet long they are dwarfed by their 50 foot mothers. When the babies are very young the mothers stay very close, sometimes assisting the baby to breathe at the surface and even teaching them how to effectively raise their tails and dive. As the weeks pass the babies grow in strength and learn other displays from their mothers, such as breaching!

Over the past few days we have been blessed with wonderful displays of mother Humpback whales accompanying their calves, sometimes several mothers and calves together. Lately the baby whales have even begun to find the strength to show off some of their newly learned acrobatic skills with full breaches! Truly a wonderful site, the sense of joy is tangible with the baby Humpback whales launching themselves into the air here in Cabo.

Most of our trips over the past month have been combination trips of both Gray and Humpback Whales. While the whales do not frequently mix, they are usually located in close proximity which often allows Whale Watch Cabo guests to enjoy seeing both species on a single tour. Whale watching in Cabo San Lucas has the unique appeal of regularly seeing both species on the same 2 1/2 hour tour, something that makes Los Cabos whale watching tours so special.

We hope you will join us soon here in sunny Cabo San Lucas, Mexico for some wonderful Whale Watching encounters. Lately we have had quite a few clients join us for multiple days of whale watching and we were asked about multiple day package discounts. We do offer multiple day whale watching discount packages, just send us a message and we will send you back a great offer.

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