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Cabo Adventures Whale Watching

//Cabo Adventures Whale Watching

Cabo Adventures Whale Watching

March was a month of Cabo adventures Whale watching tours with unexpected species of Whales, Sea Turtles and other ocean species showing up on our tours. This is the trip review for the Month of March, 2016 for Whale Watch Cabo – a month that can be summed up as ‘Cabo Adventures with Whales!’.

While the entire Cabo San Lucas Whale watching season for 2016 was under the affect of the El Nino weather phenomenon (warmer seas) and so our sightings record over the season was unusual, it was by far not without many amazing adventures for Whale watching in Cabo San Lucas. This Whale watching season our staff spotted more species of Cetaceans (Whales and Dolphins) than ever before. Conversely, the abundance of Gray Whales in the Los Cabos area was almost non existent, as they seemed to prefer to stay further North in the cooler waters.

Even the Humpback Whales here in Cabo San Lucas were more of an adventure to encounter than usual. While our sightings record for March with the Humpback Whales was 99%, the sheer number of Humpback Whales seen on our Whale watching tours was lower than in years past. That being said, we know our Whale Enthusiast Guests know that quality always is better than quantity 😉

The Blue Whale is a rare species to encounter here in Cabo San Lucas. We are an area the Blue Whale tends to transit through as they migrate north to Loreto where they are known to winter and possibly calve. However, this year the Blue Whales were not only more abundant in March (more frequently encountered than the Common Dolphins!) but the Blue Whales we did see in Cabo San Lucas were observed to be engaged in feeding behavior. Of course this led to longer, more amazing encounters for our Guests to enjoy – a real Cabo adventure!

As we move into April and the end of the 2016 Cabo San Lucas Whale watching season we are very excited to see how the rest of the season goes. What sort of adventures does April hold for us? We hope you will join us on small group Whale watching tours for some amazing Cabo adventures.