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Whale watching is a regulated activity in Cabo San Lucas, as it is in all of Mexico. Like most other countries around the world that recognize the importance of sustainable ecotourism, Mexico has adopted a set of regulations and rules for all aspects of people approaching and observing Whales. These Whale watching regulations have been created by the Mexican Government agency SEMARNAT and all companies, individuals and even scientists must observe these Mexican Whale watching regulations. SEMARNAT also ensures that only certified Whale watching companies participate in Whale watching tours by a permit scheme.

So how do visitors to Cabo San Lucas (or anywhere in Mexico) recognize a certified Whale watching company? Each year SEMARNAT provides each company with a new Whale watching flag. This flag must be flown at all times when engaged in Whale watching activities. Look for this flag during the Cabo San Lucas Whale watching season, December 15, 2015 to April 15. There is a new flag each year designated by the number in the bottom right corner.

Whale Watch Cabo ensures the best possible experience for its Guests by following these Whale watching regulations. What many people new to Whale watching may not realize is the reason such rules have been created. Not only do the regulations provide for the safety of those observing the Whales and Dolphins, but the rules also ensure a minimal impact on the Whales and Dolphins themselves. Who doesn’t want to protect the very animals they are so thrilled to be observing?

Choosing a certified Whale watching company in Cabo San Lucas is very important. First, the companies and staff that are licensed to offer these tours have undergone scrutiny by SEMARNAT. So companies that have flaunted the Whale watching regulations in the past should not have licenses. Secondly, the companies that are certified to offer tours have undergone training in order to receive their certification. This ensures that visitors to Cabo San Lucas can be assured they are choosing a reputable, licensed and trained company, Captain and Guide to lead their tour into the realm of the ocean giants.

There are many individual regulations pertaining to the manner in which Whales may be approached by boats. To simplify these rules we have created a diagram that demonstrates the key points of maneuvering boats in the presence of Whales.

We hope that this information may assist visitors to Cabo San Lucas in recognizing certified Whale watching companies and operators. Participating in safe, licensed and responsible ecotourism ensures a healthy future for ourselves, the Whales and Dolphins and the amazing planet we live on.

Whale Watching Regulations Mexico
Mexico Whale Watching Regulations