Cabo San Lucas Whale Watching Tour Review January 2016

//Cabo San Lucas Whale Watching Tour Review January 2016

Cabo San Lucas Whale Watching Tour Review January 2016

The month of January, 2016 in review for Whale Watch Cabo’s sightings on our Cabo San Lucas Whale watching tours. Our Whale watching tour reviews are a good opportunity to share our observations on the species and abundance of Whales, Dolphins and all the amazing Marine Wildlife we encounter here in Cabo San Lucas. These Whale watching tour reviews are intended to assist our Guests in making plans for their Cabo San Lucas tours – best to know before you go!

Thank you everyone who chose Whale Watch Cabo to responsibly encounter the Whales here in Cabo San Lucas during January, 2016. We really appreciate when visitors to Cabo decide to share their valuable vacation time with us. While we cannot guarantee what the Whales will be doing, we do guarantee that we will find Whales to observe responsibly. We love to share these experiences with you, our Guests.

This season we are experiencing the strongest El Nino affect in over 20 years. El Nino is the name for a weather phenomenon that affects the surface temperatures of the oceans. This can cause serious variations in everything from plankton populations (which are the basis of the Marine Food Chain) all the way up to the migratory patterns of Blue Whales, the oceans largest resident.

Here in Cabo San Lucas the oceans have stayed warmer than usual, as expected. There are fewer Humpback Whales as in previous years, but the sightings have been consistent and amazing encounters have been the norm. As we predicted in earlier posts, the Gray Whales have stayed further north so far this season. Cabo San Lucas Whale watching seasons not affected by El Nino often have Humpback to Gray Whale sightings at 3/1.

We have also had very unusual visitors, like an Elephant Seal. Sadly, it seems the Elephant Seal is truly lost basking on the sunny beach – we hope it decides to head back up north to its usual feeding areas (and its friends!).

So what will the month of February bring for Whale sightings here in Cabo San Lucas? As we say when dealing with nature, ‘One thing is for sure – we will find out!

As we continue to collect sightings data over this Cabo San Lucas Whale watching season we will be better able to predict future seasons also affected by El Nino.

To review this January, 2016, Whale watching tours in Cabo San Lucas we have been blessed with a high number of species of Cetaceans (Whales and Dolphins) while the overall number of Humpback Whales has been low. No review could be complete without expressing our thanks to all of our Whale watching tour Guests and welcoming our future Whale watching enthusiasts to our small group Cabo San Lucas Whale watching tours!