From the Captains Log

Cabo San Lucas Whale Watching Trips November 2015

The month of November is always very exciting for Whale watching trips here in Cabo San Lucas. This November was no different with many species of Cetaceans encountered and funds raised for the Los Cabos Whale Conservation Society. While the Whale watching season begins with Whale watching trips on December 15th every year, the Humpback Whales generally start arriving in the Los Cabos area in the first week of November.

So Whale Watch Cabo has started a new option for our guests to encounter all the wonderful Marine Wildlife here in Cabo San Lucas called Marine Wildlife Trips. These trips are being hosted by the researchers from the Los Cabos Whale Conservation Society as part of their year round Cabo Cetacean Survey. Whale Watch Cabo is pleased to donate all the proceeds from these trips to help fund the Los Cabos Whale Conservation Society.

So guests can join us beginning this November for year round Marine Wildlife tours (outside of the official Whale watching season – when we are quite busy). While not specifically Whale watching trips these tours encounter Dolphins and/or Whales on over 80% of the trips throughout the year. We expect this number to increase as the Los Cabos Whale Conservation Society establishes the first Whale Sightings Station overlooking the Pacific.

These variations of Cabo San Lucas Whale watching trips for this November encountered Humpback Whales on over 95% of the Marine Wildlife Tours. Additionally the tours encountered Gray Whales, Bottlenose Dolphins, Spotted Dolphins, schools of Mobula Rays, Sea Lions, Sea Turtles and many species of Marine Birds.

This is an El Nino year, meaning the seas will be warmer than in a normal winter. During November this has affected the preseason Whale watching trips as the afternoons have been a bit rougher weather than in previous years. However the number of Humpback Whales migrating into the area has steadily increased as the official Cabo San Lucas Whale Watching Season approaches and Whale Watch Cabo gets ready for an amazing season of respectful encounters on our Whale watching trips for the 2015/16 season.