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February 2016 Whale Watching Tour Reviews Cabo San Lucas

//February 2016 Whale Watching Tour Reviews Cabo San Lucas

February 2016 Whale Watching Tour Reviews Cabo San Lucas

Its time again for the monthly Cabo San Lucas Whale watching tour reviews! February 2016 was a spectacular month for Whale and other marine wildlife sightings with our staff of Marine Biologists at Whale Watch Cabo. Our reviews of the month are not complete without first sharing our gratitude for all the wonderful Whale enthusiasts who joined us during February to responsibly meet the amazing Whales. We really appreciate everyone who chose to spend their vacation time with us and especially those who shared their experiences on our Facebook and Trip Advisor review pages.

On our Facebook page you can always read about the daily sightings reviews. The intention is to help guests best prepare for what the upcoming days may be like in terms of what species we have been seeing and what sort of conditions we are encountering. Of course if you do not know, each and every Whale watching tour is unique, no one can predict Whale behaviors.

As the only dedicated Whale Watching Company in Cabo San Lucas we are the pioneers of a Whale Sightings Guarantee here in Cabo San Lucas. So we will find Whales to observe, but they are wild animals and we are visiting their ocean realm, so we show them courtesy and respect for the amazing opportunities encountering them allows.

Over the month of February we encountered 7 species of Cetaceans on our tours – 8 if you include the flight tours to Magdalena Bay to visit the Gray Whale Sanctuary. This is one of the wonderful aspects of Cabo San Lucas Whale watching tours – you just never know what you might see. But you do need to go out, the knowledgeable Whale Enthusiast will tell you, every tour is different and the more you go, the more species and activities you will see.

While most of the Whale watching areas that host the Humpback Whales of the Pacific North East population have reported significantly lower numbers of Whales in their waters, Cabo San Lucas has not yet been so greatly affected. The commonly held idea is that the El Nino weather phenomenon which explains warmer ocean temperatures is to blame. For guests coming to visit us in March please watch our daily sightings reports on our Facebook page (link is above) so you know what we are encountering. It is these little daily Whale watching tour reviews that can help you know what to expect on our tours.

Thanks again to all the wonderful Guests who joined our Cabo San Lucas Whale watching tours! We really appreciate you choosing our little company. We invite you all to share your experiences with Whale Watch Cabo by writing Whale watching tour reviews on our Facebook or Trip Advisor pages. We are looking forward to March and more amazing encounters with the wonderful Whales of Cabo.