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Gray Whales in Cabo San Lucas

//Gray Whales in Cabo San Lucas

Gray Whales in Cabo San Lucas

[h1]Gray Whales join the Humpbacks around Cabo[/h1]

During the last two weeks we have seen the Gray Whales arrive in the waters surrounding Cabo San Lucas in large numbers. There cannot be many places in the world where on the same 2 and 1/2 hour whale watching tour you can encounter both Humpback and Gray Whales, and in such large numbers! Whale Watch Cabos guests have enjoyed many wonderful encounters in the past two weeks, our excitement at being able to share these amazing whales with visitors to Cabo has also been growing.

The pregnant female Gray whales usually enter the shallow waters of Magdalena Bay further north on the Baja Peninsula to give birth to their calves. Males and courting females head further south, including along the stretch of pacific coastline that borders the bay of Cabo San Lucas. The Gray whales unique feeding strategy of scooping and sieving sand means our encounters with them are often interesting, watching their feeding behaviors close to the shore.

Most of our whale watching tours these days are along the Los Cabos pacific coastline and spent going from the shallow waters to observe the Gray Whales feeding out to the deeper water to observe the acrobatics of courting Humpback Whales. Lately we have even had quite a few dolphin encounters, often they join the whales for short periods and travel alongside each other.

Sadly, it seems like every year there is at least one whale that has become completely entangled in fisherman’s nets and lines. To date this year there have been two sighted, but both were no where to be found when the rescue effort was in play.

To end this Cabo Whale Watching report we are very excited about the upcoming weeks – expecting baby Humpback whales to arrive with their momma’s! The babies are typically 10-12 feet in length and often are very inquisitive of their environment, often coming up close to the boat to check us out. This means we are expecting to see adult and baby Humpback Whales and Gray Whales all possibly on the same tour over the next few weeks here in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico.

We hope you will join us for some educational, fun and up close encounters with Humpback and Gray Whales in Cabo San Lucas soon. Los Cabos is a magical place with incredible marine life, the whale watching season only lasts for about 11 more weeks! Please check out our guests reports for our whale watching tours on our Trip Advisor page for what visitors to Cabo are saying about whale watching tours with Whale Watch Cabo.

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