Happy 2012 from Whale Watch Cabo

//Happy 2012 from Whale Watch Cabo

Happy 2012 from Whale Watch Cabo

Happy Holidays and a wonderful New Year to everyone, our families, friends and fellow whale watching enthusiasts! After the very busy first two weeks of the Cabo San Lucas whale watching season, we are happy to report that the whales have been showing up in big numbers with lots of highly anticipated encounters on all of our trips.

Over the last two weeks of the holiday season, the resorts of Cabo San Lucas have been very busy with guests getting away from the cold for the holidays with family. That has meant a great time for Whale Watch Cabo with a wonderful mixture of children, adults and grandparents all coming together to witness the amazing spectacle that we are so lucky to share, Humpback Whales, up close and personal!

On one of the  most memorable trips in the past few weeks we had a very special encounter with a Humpback. Our Captain Santos passed by the flotilla of boats following one whale only to find another whale languishing near the surface south of Lands End. This was one inquisitive whale and a unique cabo adventure!

Sometimes the whales are underway, and the extent of our interactions is limited to following them at a distance. Not this whale. It was pectoral slapping at the surface, so we slowly approached, and shut down the engine to not startle the whale.

Now the whale started to approach the boat, swimming around our amazed guests, hovering peacefully under the boat (we have glass bottom ports so we could watch the whale directly beneath us!) and surfacing right next to us. This went on for half an hour, not sure who was more interested in who!

With a wonderful blessing like this we ended 2011. We would like to wish all our families and friends a very warm and Happy New Year and hope to see you all here in Cabo San Lucas for a great whale watching tour. Contact Whale Watch Cabo to make your reservation for a wonderful Los Cabos whale watching trip.