Humpback Whale Activity in Cabo

//Humpback Whale Activity in Cabo

Humpback Whale Activity in Cabo

The last two weeks here in Cabo San Lucas we have enjoyed lots of great whale watching trips, the Humpback Whale activity level has really been picking up. There has been lots of tail slapping, spy hopping, full breaching and more Humpback aerial acrobatics. This has been a real treat for our guests and ourselves, natures spectacular display!

During the winter months the Humpbacks return to the Los Cabos region of the Sea of Cortez travelling down the Baja for a few months of mating, birthing and nurturing of their young. As the number of whales in the area increases, so does the level of active displays by the whales. So with love in the air, our guests have been witness to the spectacular courtship rituals of one of the largest mammals on the planet.

What can we say, there is nothing like a 40 ton whale launching 90% of its body out of the water, they make quite a splash! But we are also very interested in the tail slapping, it really looks like a definite series of messages as the whale, head submerged continuously raises and drops its tail, sometimes softly and sometimes with obvious agressive tendencies.

Some of our guests were lucky enough to see a Humpback accompanied by dolphins. While we can’t say that the species really interacted to any degree, there did seem to be an upbeat joviality to their encounter. The dolphins changed their path to intercept the whale and then slowed their pace to match the whale for a short while. It made for lots of ‘oohs’ and ‘ahhs’ on the boat.

One thing that many guests have commented on is how surprised they are about the calm waters. Although 3 major oceanic currents converge here, there is usually relatively calm surface waters, so those that easily get sea sick find tours with Whale Watch Cabo a lot easier to enjoy. Nonetheless, if you do suffer ‘mal de mar’ easily, we recommend taking the safe route and taking anti sea sickness pills or wearing pressure wrist wraps, whatever seems to work best for you.

So that is the update for the whale watching season in Cabo, current to January 15th, 2012. It has been a great start to the four months of tours in the Los Cabos area with Whale Watch Cabo, both myself, Peter and our head biologist/tour leader extraordinaire Janneke look forward to meeting you sometime soon in Cabo for a wonderful experience with the whales!

Don’t forget to book ahead through our online whale tour reservations system and save, tours booked here in Cabo are $75, save 13% and reserve your spot today!

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