From the Captains Log

First Humpback Whales Seen in Cabo San Lucas!

In late October Whale Watch Cabo reported the first Humpback Whale seen migrating into the Cabo San Lucas area. This is very early as compared to previous Cabo San Lucas whale watching seasons, typically spotting the first Humpback Whales in mid November. While the Los Cabos Whale Watching Season officially begins December 15th no one tells the Whales that!

Whale Watch Cabo is currently assisting the Los Cabos Whale Conservation Society in the photo identification of as many individual Humpback Whales as possible, to assist in the understanding of the Eastern Pacific Humpback Population and further assist Governments in the continuing protection of the Humpback Whale.

In response to Whale Watch Cabo guest requests and in order the allow the researchers of the Los Cabos Whale Conservation Society greater access to the Whales, Whale Watch Cabo has begun Preseason Marine Wildlife Tours starting late November this year (private boat tours are available beginning November 15th, small group tours December 1.)

While these are not true Whale Watching Tours, they focus on all the marine species in the Cabo San Lucas area, if whales are spotted we will be observing their passage to allow the Researchers of the Los Cabos Whale Conservation Society the opportunity to get Photo ID of individual Humpback Whales  to add to their database and further their research and conservation project.

Since the first Humpback Whale seen in Cabo San Lucas this season we have reported other Humpback Whales in small groups arriving and migrating through the Los Cabos area. While it is not the Cabo Whale Watching season yet, when the population density of Humpback and Gray Whales all but assures multiple Whale sightings on every tour, it is a nice time of the year to assist the LCWCS, get out and see all the different species on a wonderful Preseason Marine Wildlife Tour or a Private Boat Tour.