Los Cabos Whale Watching Season

//Los Cabos Whale Watching Season

Los Cabos Whale Watching Season

Los Cabos Whale Watching Season in review for March of the 2015 with Whale Watch Cabo. As the Los Cabos Whale Watching season moved into March all the activity with the Humpback Whales in Los Cabos increased, as expected. Of course there was lots of activity with the Gray Whales on our Flight Tours to Magdalena Bay as well! So this is the monthly review for Whale Watch Cabo for the month of March in the Los Cabos Whale Watching Season of 2015.

As the only dedicated Whale Watching Company in Los Cabos – Whale Watch Cabo and our Team of Marine Biologists and Naturalists offer both a unique approach and perspective to responsibly encountering the whales of Los Cabos. Whale Watch Cabo pioneered the non-invasive approach to whale watching in Los Cabos which has led to longer, more natural encounters with our Guests being able to have fun, educational and respectful whale watching tours while we collect data for the Los Cabos Whale Conservation Society.

March in Los Cabos is usually typified by maturing baby Humpback Whales and tours that allow us to observe the interaction between Mother and Baby Humpback Whales. This can be subtle and quiet, nurturing interactions or it can often be sensational displays of breaching, tail slapping, pec slapping and head lunging as the Mother Humpbacks begin to teach their offspring what being a Humpback Whale entails. Another one of the wonderful moments has been dropping the Hydrophone (underwater microphone) into the water and listening to Mother and Baby Humpbacks communicate.

This March brought our Guests Humpback Whales on 100% of our tours – Los Cabos Whale watching at its finest! During the month of March our sightings included; Gray Whales, Blue Whales, Dwarf Sperm Whales, Bryde’s Whales, Bottlenose Dolphins, Common Dolphins and even Orcas! This is a big part of the amazing Los Cabos Whale watching experience, you just never know what species may show up as the Sea of Cortez is home to 75% of the known cetacean (whale and dolphin) species!

The March Los Cabos whale watching season also saw the final weeks of the Magdalena Bay Gray Whale Nursery Flight Tours. These day tours to Lopez Mateos all encountered numerous Mother and Baby Gray Whales, adult Gray Whales and Bottlenose Dolphins in the serene waterways off Lopez Mateos. As March drew to a close we said ‘Bon Voyage’ to the Gray Whales as their migration north to their summer feeding grounds finally left the nursery waters.

Whale Watching tours in Los Cabos for April we are expecting a shift in what whales we will be encountering. As the migration for the Humpback Whales begins from all of the wintering areas across the Pacific coast of North America (Panama, Costa Rica, Guatemala, Mexico, Sea of Cortez) these Humpbacks will be passing through Los Cabos as they follow the Baja coastline up to their summer feeding grounds that range between California to Alaska.

So we expect to continue to see Mother and Baby pairs of Humpback Whales here in Cabo as they are some of the last whales to leave Los Cabos, waiting for the baby to grow in size and strength before making the journey. We also expect to continue to encounter small groups of adult Humpbacks passing through Los Cabos as the 2015 Los Cabos whale watching season draws to a close.

To everyone who has joined Whale Watch Cabo and our team of Biologists and Naturalists to responsibly encounter the wonderful whales of Los Cabos on our whale watching tours we wish to express our gratitude and thanks for sharing these amazing experiences with us. Still lots of whales expected to be encountered for the duration of the Los Cabos Whale watching season as it draws to an end April 15, 2015.