March Whale Watching Tours in Los Cabos

//March Whale Watching Tours in Los Cabos

March Whale Watching Tours in Los Cabos

The first two weeks of March have been great for whale watching tours in from Cabo San Lucas down the coastline to San Jose del Cabo (Los Cabos). Whale Watch Cabo is the only company to guarantee whales sighted on every tour, and we are pleased to add that on every tour over the entire 2011/2012 whale watching season we have accomplished just that!

While we are the ‘new guys’ in the whale watching industry here in Cabo, our team consists of a captain with 15 years local experience and the only two marine biologist/professional photographers running whale watching tours in Los Cabos. We know that by ensuring the right guides lead your tours, you can enjoy fun, educational and informative whale watching trips (and have some amazing photos to share too!).

If you didn’t know, the underside of a Humpback Whales tail is unique, just like a person’s fingerprint. So Janneke and Peter have combined their pursuit of whale conservation and photography in cataloging the whales that we see on the tours. Coordinating with whale watching tours and scientific research organizations working in Alaska and the northern Pacific, we hope to paint a more accurate picture of the Humpback Whales lives, migrations and population.

Especially exciting is that we are the first people to see, photograph and catalog the images of the baby humpback whales born here in the southern Sea of Cortez. We are sharing our information with organizations in Alaska and British Columbia in the hopes that they can confirm which babies arrive to the summer feeding grounds. We are VERY EXCITED to hear about that!

We have been asked by many interested guests – ‘Are you still seeing whales?’ and the resounding answer is ‘YES – the whale watching season in Cabo is in full swing!’. Over the past two weeks we have averaged 12 – 15 whales per trip with both Humpback and Gray Whales being seen, usually both on the same trip! A unique whale encounter opportunity here in Mexico.

So how to sum up the past few weeks in a quick Cabo whale watching trip report? It has been baby Humpback whale March Madness, new babies keep showing up, we have seen whales forming small unstable groups of 7 to 9 individuals and there have been lots of amazing acrobatics to enjoy. Loads of Gray and Humpback, lots of dolphins were seen and sea turtles as well.

We would like to thank all of the wonderful people who by coming on our tours have allowed us the opportunity to collect the Humpback Whale ID images. When you book a whale watching trip with Whale Watch Cabo, you are helping support our biologist’s efforts and supporting whale research, information that will be used to ensure long lasting conservation of the whales for years and (we hope!) years to come.

Warm regards from Sunny and Whale-aliscious Cabo San Lucas!

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