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Whale Watch Cabo is very pleased to announced our union with Planet Whale, the leading international organization dedicated to responsible whale watching practices worldwide. While Whale Watch Cabo is still a young organization, next season will be our 3rd year responsibly introducing guests to the wonderful whales here in Los Cabos. But we are very pleased to have had our efforts in non-invasive whale watching techniques recognized. Planet Whales‘ invitation to Whale Watch Cabo to join together with the 30 other whale watching groups across the globe as a member of responsible whale watching operators is a wonderful response to our efforts and standards.

What is Planet Whale? Here are some excerpts from the Planet Whale website. We encourage you to visit their website, research other responsible whale watching operators and learn about the tours they offer.cabo planet whale partner

Planet Whale Vision and Mission

Planet Whale is the global community that will change the way we view whales and dolphins forever. By harnessing the passion and ideas of individuals, we will achieve more to protect and defend our oceans than ever before.

Together we will:

·         Give the people control so they can use it to help whales and dolphins.
·         Inspire change through a new global partnership.
·         Make whale watching more sustainable – and successful – than ever before!
·         Reach out to the world with colossal festivals for whales and dolphins.
·         Create innovative campaigns that harness the power of the web’s global community.

Be Positive – (this reflects Whale Watch Cabo’s attitude and outlook as well. We prefer to harness the beauty of whales and dolphins, inspire people and touch our guests lives with amazing encounters of these incredible species)

We do not dwell on problems. Instead we seek positive solutions. Planet Whale believes that many people are tired of hearing doom and gloom stories and feeling utterly helpless as a result. What’s the point of that when you can have a good time, get inspired by nature, then use Planet Whale to achieve something really positive for the environment! Together we will find out how.

Whale Watch Cabo

So we are excited to have been invited to be the first member of the international responsible whale watching partnership representing Mexico! Whale Watch Cabo will continue to expand its efforts in; responsible whale watching techniques, acting as the voice of whale conservation in the Los Cabos region of Mexico, all while inspiring our guests with amazing encounters and fun, informative tours.

Finally, please feel free to post a review of your whale watching tour with Whale Watch Cabo on the Planet Whale website. While many of our guests have shared their experiences and impressions on the Whale Watch Cabo Trip Advisor page, we are still lacking reviews from our guests on the Whale Watch Cabo page of Planet Whale.

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