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Whale Watch Cabo is the only dedicated Whale watching company in Cabo San Lucas – making us a small personable company. This is by design, so we can offer our guests the best, friendly and engaging tours to encounter the whales. The downside is we are too small a company to be able to qualify for the permits to transport our own guests from their resorts to our office at the Cabo San Lucas Marina. These permits are reserved for much larger, more commercially oriented companies.

We have arranged a special offer for our guests with Cabos Routes. They are a dedicated transportation company and we have found their service to be the most reliable and their special prices for Whale Watch Cabo guests are very competitive.

Visit Cabo’s Routes website or call Priscila at Cabo’s Routes at 0052 (1) 624 130 6736 in English or Spanish – You can also email Cabo’s Routes directly at info@cabosroutes.com

Roundtrip Resort transportation Prices

Pick-up Zone Zone Limits Price in USD cash
Cabo San Lucas Cabo to Hacienda Encantada $ 10 USD pp
Cabo Corredor Sheraton to Palmilla $ 15 USD pp
San Jose del Cabo Cabo Surf Hotel to San Jose Town $ 20 USD pp
Puerto Los Cabos Marina Los Cabos to Marriott Los Cabos $ 25 USD pp