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Whale Watch Cabo Joins HappyWhale

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Whale Watch Cabo is excited to announce our latest partnership in our research and conservation efforts of behalf of the whales we are so privileged to encounter here in Cabo San Lucas - meet Happywhale! Whale Watch Cabo was founded as the first dedicated whale watching company in Cabo San Lucas in 2011 with the mission [...]

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Cabo Adventures Whale Watching

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March was a month of Cabo adventures Whale watching tours with unexpected species of Whales, Sea Turtles and other ocean species showing up on our tours. This is the trip review for the Month of March, 2016 for Whale Watch Cabo - a month that can be summed up as 'Cabo Adventures with Whales!'. While [...]

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Humpback Whale Activity in Cabo

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The last two weeks here in Cabo San Lucas we have enjoyed lots of great whale watching trips, the Humpback Whale activity level has really been picking up. There has been lots of tail slapping, spy hopping, full breaching and more Humpback aerial acrobatics. This has been a real treat for our guests and ourselves, natures [...]