Whale Trip Report – Los Cabos – Mexico

//Whale Trip Report – Los Cabos – Mexico

Whale Trip Report – Los Cabos – Mexico

As March is drawing to a close, it is time for the latest installment of whale watching trip reports from Whale Watch Cabo. Since our last update we have been blessed with lots of small group whale watching tours, and many, many wonderful people who joined us to see the whales here in Cabo San Lucas.

The last two weeks have seen quite a dramatic change to the whale activity in the Cabo area. While in the previous two weeks we were seeing both Gray and Humpback whales, commonly both on the same tour, the Gray Whales have begun their annual migration back up the Baja Coast. So the numbers of Gray Whales has been dropping here in the Sea of Cortez, but the Humpbacks are still plentiful.

There has also been a lot more baby Humpback whales observed in the area. It seems like the area between Cabo San Lucas and San Jose del Cabo has become the ‘baby corridor’. Mothers and their calves are almost predictable for being in the area, and travelling in certain directions at certain times over the day. This has amounted to great whale watching tours for our guests.

Some of the whale watching trip report highlights over the past couple of weeks include; new baby Humpback Whales, lots of whale breaching and other spectacular displays, schools of dolphins in the hundreds on several tours, leaping manta rays and marlin, lots of Ridley’s Sea Turtles seen on the surface (it is their mating and egg laying season here) and even a couple of the strangest fish in the sea, the Mola Mola were seen by a lucky few!

So we hope to see you soon here in Cabo San Lucas for a wonderful, educational and fun whale watching tour. Going on a trip with Whale Watch Cabo affords our marine biologists the opportunity to improve our whale photo ID catalog, expanding our knowledge and understanding of the magnificent whales that visit the Baja and Cabo San Lucas each year.

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