Whale Watch Cabo Season 2013

//Whale Watch Cabo Season 2013

Whale Watch Cabo Season 2013

[h1]Cabo San Lucas Whale Watching Season 2013 Baja Mexico[/h1]


As the 2012 Cabo San Lucas whale watching season comes to a close our staff have been busy with compiling their data from whale watching trips over this past year for submission to our whale photo database. We have also kept busy planning even more wonderful whale watching trips for the  Cabo whale watching season of 2013!

As always, Whale Watch Cabo will be offering local tours to see the Humpback and Gray whales that visit our waters from December 2012 through April 2013. A couple of new things to mention though. We are adding a new hydrophone to our equipment, so that when opportunity presents itself our guests can enjoy the beautiful Humpback whale song. As well, we can document the different songs of the Humpbacks during the mating season here in Cabo.

Additionally, we will be adding a new Pole Cam to our local tours. This is a high definition underwater camera head, attached to a pole with an on board monitor screen. We will be able to hold it over the side and get some amazing footage, especially useful when cataloging the new baby Humpbacks later in the 2013 Cabo Whale Watching Season.

So we hope this sounds exciting to all our visitors for next year. During the off peak season months, our staff are still working on whale conservation and research here in Cabo. Bryde’s whales are found here in the southern Sea of Cortez throughout the year, contact Whale Watch Cabo if you would be interested to join our staff on a research excursion from May to November 2012.

We look forward to having you join Whale Watch Cabo for a fun, responsible whale watching trip during the Cabo whale watching season 2013. We will have 3 different tours for our guests and lots of new ways to enhance the experience, like seeing the whales underwater!

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