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Whale Watch Cabo is pleased to share with our guests and fellow whale watching enthusiasts our Trip Advisor Certificate of Excellence for 2012 – our first year offering our uniquely fun and informative whale watching tours in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. Thank you to our guides, Janneke and Peter, our Captain Santos and especially a warm and kind thanks to our guests who are the reason for this award. We feel very blessed to be able to share the magical experience of being in the company of whales with all of you, it is your joy, excitement and the sense of wonder at natures majesty we all share that makes our efforts so worthwhile.

Whale Watch Cabo is the newest whale watching company in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. Inspired by the forward thinking of progressive whale watching companies globally who not only run tours to show their guests the whales, but make efforts to protect the whales, educate whale watching enthusiasts and support whale research, conservation and advocacy, Whale Watch Cabo was founded. It is on these principles and with the guidance of our marine biologist staff that Whale Watch Cabo has been working to offer a unique, fun, informative and intimate experience to guests travelling to Cabo San Lucas.

While each day on the ocean in Cabo is different, from morning to afternoon the whales may change their level of activity or acceptance of our forays into their world, our guides always try to make sure each whale watching trip is a wonderful experience.

On all of our trips during the 2011/2012 Cabo whale watching season our guests were treated to whales, often both Gray and Humpback whales, and later in the season, often with baby Humpback whales as well. Many times the whales responded to our non-invasive approach, and their natural curiosity led the whales to approach our boat, beautiful moments that we were very lucky to share with our guests.

So this posting is really about you, our fellow whale watching enthusiasts. We want to share our gratitude for taking the time to share your impressions of whale watching with us with fellow travelers. We hope to see you again this year, and if you will be coming to Cabo for the first time this year, we hope you will join us for a wonderful trip to enjoy being in the company of whales.

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