Whale Watching Cabo San Lucas Season

//Whale Watching Cabo San Lucas Season

Whale Watching Cabo San Lucas Season

We hope you will join Whale Watch Cabo for the coming 2015/16 Cabo San Lucas Whale watching season. This season marks the 5th year of operations for us here in Cabo San Lucas! What started as just one Marine Biologist and one Captain has slowly grown to be the only premier Whale Watching Company in Cabo San Lucas.

The Cabo San Lucas Whale watching season officially begins December 15th every year. This is based on the estimated arrival of the Gray Whales migrating south to Los Cabos. However, the Gray Whales are usually preceded by the arrival of the Humpback Whales. Humpback Whales really determine the dates of the Cabo San Lucas whale watching season.

This is especially true in seasons affected by the El Nino affect. El Nino is a weather phenomenon that makes the oceans warmer and can affect the migration habits of the Whales. In previous El Nino years the warmer seas have resulted in fewer Gray Whales in the Los Cabos area than usual. This follows logically as the Gray Whales spend most of their summers in the very cool north Pacific waters.

While we are predicting fewer Gray Whales in the Cabo San Lucas area this coming whale watching season, we are expecting record numbers of Gray Whales in the bays and lagoons we visit on our daily flight tours from Cabo San Lucas to Magdalena Bay/Lopez Mateos. Last year these day tours had spectacular encounters with numerous Mother and Baby Gray Whale pairs.

In previous years when the Gray Whales have been scarce in Cabo San Lucas the Whale watching season has still been amazing. Humpback Whales are always encountered (over 99% in all seasons to date) and there is usually a big supporting cast of other Whales and Dolphins like Blue Whales, Bryde’s Whales, Bottlenose Dolphins, Spotted Dolphins, and even Orcas are usually seen a couple times per season.

Contact us for more specific information about the differences in the months of the Cabo San Lucas Whale watching season. We look forward to sharing more amazing encounters with our Guests and the wonderful Whales of Cabo.