Whale Watching Puerto Vallarta

//Whale Watching Puerto Vallarta

Whale Watching Puerto Vallarta

Whale Watch Vallarta is the new sister operation for Whale Watch Cabo! We are all very excited about this, being able to offer our guests another amazing destination for whale watching in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. Especially as our good friend and fellow Biologist Elisa Arcangeli is now a partner in Whale Watch Vallarta. Elisa will be guiding the whale watching and wild dolphin swim and snorkel tours back in her home city of Puerto Vallarta. While many of you may have had wonderful whale watching tours with Elisa here in Cabo San Lucas, we hope that you will join her in Puerto Vallarta for their unique winter population of Humpback whales and their year round population of resident Bottlenose Dolphins.

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Elisa returns this season to Puerto Vallarta where she spent the previous 9 years working with whales and dolphins, after enjoying an amazing season guiding our guests here in Cabo San Lucas. Her degree in Marine Biology with a specialization in Cetaceans (Dolphins and Whales) plus years of responsibly introducing guests in Puerto Vallarta to the amazing Whales and Dolphins there make Elisa a knowledgeable and enthusiastic guide.

Whale Watch Vallarta will maintain the same Code of Conduct that our guests have come to appreciate here in Cabo San Lucas. Our goal is to responsibly introduce the amazing whales of Puerto Vallarta to our guests in small groups, in a non-invasive manner, while supporting whale research and conservation with our photography. Just like Whale Watch Cabo, Whale Watch Vallarta will offer 32 foot boats with canvas roofs, cushioned bench seats, a marine toilet and limit the number of guests on our tours to just 10 (we are certified for up to 16 guests per boat). This is to ensure all guests an amazing view of the Humpback Whales, we want everyone to have a wonderful experience, a great view and to have fun learning about the whales as we observe their amazing lives played out before us in Banderas Bay.

The Puerto Vallarta Whale Watching season runs from December 8 through March 23, every year. You can visit the Whale Watch Vallarta online booking page here and make reservations saving 2o% off the normal price.

Whale Watch Vallarta will also be offering a unique experience to our guests – an opportunity to swim with wild Bottlenose Dolphins! First, let me assure our guests that we are firmly against any Whales or Dolphins in captivity. Especially when you have the opportunity to encounter both of these species in their natural environment right here with us in Puerto Vallarta. The resident population of Bottlenose Dolphins in the Bay of Banderas can be encountered year round, and from November through April/May each year we will be introducing small groups of our guests to this amazing family of Dolphins.

The Whale Watch Vallarta wild dolphin snorkel and swim tour offers our guests the opportunity to encounter the resident population of Bottlenose Dolphins, to observe their daily routine of feeding and socializing behaviors and, if the dolphins show interest, as the usually do – we slip into the water and swim or snorkel with these incredible beings. This is an amazing encounter, as the Dolphins are usually quite inquisitive and calm around our guests. When our Biologist deems the circumstances to be good, the Dolphins seem to be as amazed with our guests as we are with them.

We hope you will join our sister company Whale Watch Vallarta and our amazing friend, Elisa Arcangeli to encounter the Whales and Dolphins of Puerto Vallarta. Guests from the cruise ships can even join Whale Watch Cabo here in Cabo San Lucas one day and then visit Elisa the next in Puerto Vallarta! Please visit our Puerto Vallarta whale watching website for more information and to book a tour.

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