Whale Watching Cabo San Lucas | 2014 Whale Watch Season


Whale watching Cabo San Lucas with Whale Watch Cabo allows you to chose from two options. Chose either a small group whale watching Cabo San Lucas tour or a private Cabo San Lucas whale watching trip. These 2.5 hour tours leave from the Marina in Cabo San Lucas three times per day, at 8:15 am, 11:30 am and 2:45 pm. Both options offer amazing opportunities to encounter both Humpback Whales and Gray whales plus the rest of the amazing marine life that collides at the junction of the Sea of Cortez and the Pacific Ocean here in Cabo San Lucas.

The Cabo San Lucas whale watching season runs from December 15 through April 15. However no one tells the whales when the season begins and ends – so we are pleased to offer Marine Wildlife Tours prior to and directly following the Cabo San Lucas whale watching season. Gray whales begin arriving in January, except for ‘El Nino’ years when the seas are too warm – then you would need to join our Magdalena Bay Gray Whale Nursery Van Tours. Depending on the weather and the current ‘hot spot’ for the best whale watching encounters, Whale Watch Cabo’s boats make trips into both the southern Sea of Cortez and the Pacific Ocean at the tip of the Baja Peninsula, Mexico.


Cabo Whale Watching Season


The Cabo San Lucas whale watching season begins December 15 and ends April 15, depending on the variations in the Whales seasonal migration. Every year starting mid November Humpback whales return to Los Cabos from their summer feeding grounds (California, British Columbia and Alaska) to mate and give birth. We offer Marine Wildlife Tours starting late November through December 14th and April 16 – April 30.

Gray whales also make the journey, pregnant mothers stopping in the northern Baja bays and lagoons to calve while many of the adult Gray whales continue down to Los Cabos arriving in January. Add to this the opportunity to see other whale species, Dolphins, Orcas, Sea Lions, leaping Manta Rays, pelagic fish like Marlin and many species of Sea Birds (Frigates, Boobys, Cormorants, Osprey, Pelicans) and you can see how the Baja is a marine life enthusiasts paradise!

During the Cabo San Lucas whale watching season we often see both Humpback Whales (December – April) and Gray Whales on the same tour (January through April). As the Humpbacks are here to mate we are often treated to an array of surface behaviors, mating competitions and playful baby Humpback Whales. Each tour is hosted by one of our Biologist Guides who takes high quality digital images for the Los Cabos Humpback Whale Photo ID project. We offer these photos for FREE to our guests via Drop Box!

Cabo Whale Watching Tours


Whale Watch Cabo specializes in small groups and private boat Whale watching tours led by our staff of English and Spanish speaking Marine Biologists. Our boats are registered for 16-20 guests but we limit the number to 10 adult Guests, so all of our Guests can have a wonderful experience.

Our staff of Biologist Guides have researcher level knowledge in the field of Whale Biology, years of experience responsibly introducing guests to the Marine Wildlife and are very passionate about sharing amazing and responsible Whale watching encounters with our Guests.

During each Cabo Whale watching tour we start out with viewing:

  • Cabo San Lucas Marine Park area
  • Lands End, Lovers Beach, The Arch
  • The California Sea Lion Colony
  • Sea Bird nesting areas
Then we head off to the current Hot Spot to responsibly encounter Whales, Dolphins and any more of the amazing Marine Wildlife that collides at the junction of the Sea of Cortez and the Pacific Ocean.

  • Recommendation ~ take a moment to read our ‘Recommendations on the best time for whale watching in Los Cabos’. These observations are from our staff of Marine Biologists, based on years of encounters and thousands of tours. We hope this will help you plan for the best Whale watching experiences here in Los Cabos.–Alexandra, Whale Watch Cabo

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