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2013 Cabo Whale Watching Season Begins!

//2013 Cabo Whale Watching Season Begins!

2013 Cabo Whale Watching Season Begins!

Welcome to the start of the 2013 Cabo San Lucas Whale Watching Season! We are so excited to see the whales returning in large numbers to the Baja, and knowing that there will just be more, day by day. The staff at Whale Watch Cabo have been busy this off season preparing for the upcoming Los Cabos Whale Watching season. We are pleased to be offering responsible, non-invasive whale watching opportunities for visitors to Cabo San Lucas, all with our Whale Watch Cabo style of marine biologist led, non-invasive tours.

The first group to embark on a 2013 whale watching tour was in for a great time. Elisa, one of our whale watching guides, spotted a group of Humpbacks not far out from the harbor and the group spent the entire tour watching the spectacle of Humpback displays. This was a mating group, so the action was continuous and sometimes fearsome with tail lunges, breaches, head lunges, the entire Humpback catalog of aerial behaviors.

Elisa snapped this photo of a Humpback breaching during the 8:30 am tour, what do you think? We think her photography is AWESOME! Elisa is new to the Whale Watch Cabo Team, not only a Marine Biologist, but 5 years experience as a Whale Watching Guide in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. Elisa brings her love for whales, her knowledge as a guide and photographer to our small team of whale watching guides. We hope you will enjoy meeting her as much as we already enjoy working with her!

If you are considering Whale Watching while visiting Cabo San Lucas this 2013 season, we hope you will join our small, passionate team of Marine Biologists for fun, informative whale watching tours.

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