2015 Cabo San Lucas Whale Watching Season

//2015 Cabo San Lucas Whale Watching Season

2015 Cabo San Lucas Whale Watching Season

Happy New Year and Welcome to the second month of the official 2015 Cabo San Lucas Whale Watching Season. This year the Humpback Whale migration started very early with the first Humpback Whales being observed in the waters off Cabo San Lucas in November and regular sightings were the norm by the end of November.

The official start to the 2015 Cabo San Lucas Whale Watching Season was December 15th, although no one told the whales that! This year, like last year, is an El Nino year, meaning there is a warmer water current moving through the Pacific which may be the trigger for an early migration. No matter what, after many months of missing the wonderful Humpback Whales of Cabos it was great to see lots of old friends returning.

We expect that this whale watching season here in Cabo San Lucas will continue to be similar to that of last year – meaning, lots of Humpbacks, but very few Gray Whales here in Cabo San Lucas. During El Nino years, when the water temps stay higher, the Gray Whales have been noted to remain further north along the Baja, closer to the mating and birthing lagoons where we run our Magdalena Bay Gray Whale Flight Tours to.

We have already seen a number of baby Humpbacks in the Cabo San Lucas area. Again, this is very early in the Cabo San Lucas whale watching season and mimics what we have observed in previous El Nino years. This is a blessing in of itself however as these baby Humpbacks will have a longer season here in Cabo to gain strength and size before the migration north to the Humpbacks feeding grounds.

December was a great month for the 2015 Cabo San Lucas Whale Watching Season with sightings on 99%+ of the tours. Other sightings during the month of December included; Bottlenose Dolphins, Spinner Dolphins, Spotted Dolphins, Common Dolphins and the usual mix of marine species like – schools of Mobula Rays, Marlin, Sharks and Sea Turtles (plus all the many species of Marine Birds that call the area home).

We are looking forward to January and what the next month will bring to the 2015 Cabo San Lucas Whale Watching Season. We expect to see more baby Humpback Whales, and soon we hope to spot our first Gray Whale here in Cabo. By the end of the month the Cabo San Lucas to Magdalena Bay Whale Watching Season for flight tours will have begun and we will be making several forays per week to visit the Gray Whale nursery waters.

Looking forward to seeing more friends from years previous returning (not just the whales!) and meeting new friends as well as we head into 2015 with the Cabo San Lucas Whale Watching Season.