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Whale Watch Cabo started out with one Biologist (Janneke) who saw that Whale watching tours in Cabo San Lucas could be arranged to offer visitors a more sustainable, educational and responsible way to encounter Whales. So Janneke founded Whale Watch Cabo to offer an opportunity for visitors to take part in fun, informative and respectful Whale watching tours. Today Whale Watch Cabo is still the only dedicated whale watching company in Cabo San Lucas. Our specialized company focuses on small groups dedicated to non-invasive tours that support Whale conservation and research. We still offer small group whale watching tours and have grown to be a leader in educational, sustainable and responsible Whale watching operations here in Cabo San Lucas.

Our efforts now include our Cabo San Lucas Whale watching tours, Cetacean research projects here in Los Cabos, research throughout Mexico as part of several organizations and internationally as members of several Cetacean Conservation and Advocacy Organizations. Whale Watch Cabo and its staff of Whale Naturalists work to support furthering our understanding of Cetaceans, improving Whale Watching standards locally and internationally and participating in Whale Research and Conservation.


To provide guests with fun, personal and educational Whale watching tours in Cabo San Lucas while supporting Whale conservation locally through research, education, and public awareness. 

Janneke Louwes, Founder Whale Watch Cabo