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First Whales Sighted in Cabo San Lucas 2013

//First Whales Sighted in Cabo San Lucas 2013

First Whales Sighted in Cabo San Lucas 2013

It is a delight to announce the first sighting of a pair of Humpback whales here in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico! After many months of whales being about as common as needles in haystacks, the first sighting was a welcome surprise. Not only was there two whales sighted right here outside the bay of Cabo San Lucas, but the pair (a large female and a sub adult male that most likely is a 1 year old offspring) launched into a series of exhilarating breaches and tail slapping that amazed everyone lucky enough to be in the area at the time!

While this is very early in the official Cabo whale watching season (December 15 to April 15) it is not unheard of. Our crew of biologists live full time here in Cabo San Lucas and regularly monitor the whale activity through our network of contacts. There have been Humpbacks sighted over the past few weeks all along the Pacific Baja coast, so we were just waiting for the first arrivals of the 2013 Cabo whale watching season.

Over the next few weeks the population density of both Humpback and Gray whales will be swelling as the whale super highway leads hundreds of whales weekly past Cabo San Lucas and into the Sea of Cortez. The whales are returning home to give birth, males compete for the attention of females and the opportunity to mate and females chose which male they think will make suitable suitors.

Join Whale Watch Cabo and our dedicated team of marine biologist whale watching guides for some amazing wildlife adventures around Cabo San Lucas and the southern Baja this winter. We also offer trips to Magdalena Bay to visit the Gray Whale nursery and trips to Loreto to see the magnificent Blue Whales and more!

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