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[heading_horizontal type=”h1″ margin_top=”20px” margin_bottom=”20px”]Cabo San Lucas’s First Guaranteed Whales Sighting Program![/heading_horizontal]

Cabo San Lucas and the Sea of Cortez hosts a wonderful population of Humpback Whales during the winter. Sightings of Humpback Whales are all but guaranteed, with many other species of Dolphin and Whale commonly spotted as well. However we want to make sure every guest gets the chance to see whales on our tours! So Whale Watch Cabo is pleased to offer our Whale Watching Tour Guarantee to all Guests joining us on our tours during the Cabo San Lucas Whale Watching Season from December 15th to April 15th.

[heading_horizontal type=”h2″ margin_top=”20px” margin_bottom=”20px”]What is the Whale Sightings Guarantee?[/heading_horizontal]

If you join Whale Watch Cabo on a Cabo San Lucas Whale Watching Tour between December 15th and April 15th and no Whales are seen during your tour, we are pleased to welcome you back for another complimentary tour, space permitting.

To clarify:

  • This is not a money back guarantee
  • No refund is given if no whales are seen on your tour

If you are booked on a local Cabo Group Tour and no whales are seen on the tour, you can join a future Cabo Group Tour, space permitting. Guarantee never expires!

If you are booked on a Private Boat Whale Watching Tour and no whales are seen, we will offer your group a complimentary Private Boat Whale Watching Tour. Guarantee never expires!

How do we guarantee our Whale sightings?

  • Quicker and more efficient tour boats = better range and better sightings
  • Whale Naturalist Guides and Captains that have years of experience
  • We wish to share our passion and knowledge of the whales with you
  • Our success at Whale Watch Cabo is an honest 99% sightings!
  • Whale Watch Cabo’s tours are a premium product and we spend considerable time and resources making sure that our whale watching tours are very successful


[testimonial]Our customer service commitment to you! When you join us we consider the ‘whale guarantee program’ as a customer service commitment and promise on our part to fulfill your dream of seeing Whales in their natural environment.[client_name]Janneke Louwes, Whale Watch Cabo[/client_name][/testimonial]