Humpback Whales Cabo San Lucas

//Humpback Whales Cabo San Lucas

Humpback Whales Cabo San Lucas

Hello whale watching enthusiasts and welcome to the many Humpback whales here in Cabo San Lucas! It has been a wonderful first two weeks of the 2013 Cabo San Lucas whale watching season. Truly epic on some days! During the 2012 Cabo whale watching season we did see whales on every single tour, but – as nature likes to keep us humble – we did have one tour on the first day of the 2013 Cabo whale watching season that got shut out! So the record is gone, but we did invite those guests back for another tour, we don’t want anyone to leave without sharing wonderful encounters with us here at Whale Watch Cabo.

It has been a great two weeks of more and more Humpback whales arriving and passing through Cabo San Lucas’ waters. As the whales travel back home from Alaska to the waters they were born in (from north in the Sea of Cortez all along the coast of Central America as far south as Panama) they pass by Cabo San Lucas. I liken this to being located on the offramp of the Whale Super Highway – some whales turn past up into the Sea of Cortez, some pass on their way to the rest of Mexico and some will spend the winter in the waters around Los Cabos.

We stay in contact with our counterparts in California who have been reporting Gray Whales migrating down their coast for several weeks now, we have even heard of the first Gray Whales arriving in the birthing lagoons above Magdalena Bay! Soon our guests may be able to encounter both Humpback and Gray whales on the same tour here in Cabo!

For the highlights over the first two weeks of the 2013 Cabo San Lucas whale watching season, well, there have been quite a few. We have seen all the usual Humpback displays (breaching, tail slapping, head lunging, etc), Humpback whales in mating competitions, a baby Humpback (very early in the season for that one!) and lately many unstable groups of sub adult whales exploring the Los Cabos Waters. We have even had a couple of tours with Humpbacks under the boat gazing up at us through the glass bottom ports!

While the Humpbacks are the main species we are seeing, we have also seen many dolphins (mostly Bottle Nose), a few Orca’s and Elisa (the newest guide here at WWC) even found a group of Sperm Whales numbering over 100! Of course we have also seen many sea lions (we visit the colony that lives at Lands End on every tour) but also marine turtles and leaping manta rays – one lucky tour enjoyed the spectacle of hundreds of rays passing beneath the glass bottom ports on our boat! Most days our whale watching tours could be better described at Marine Wildlife Tours 🙂

So we are looking forward to the next few weeks, waiting for the arrival of the adult Gray Whales here in Cabo San Lucas and even more Humpbacks. In the meantime, we hope you will soon be joining us here in Cabo San Lucas for some wonderful and respectful whale encounters.

On behalf of Whale Watch Cabo  – Happy Holidays and Happy New Year to all of our guests! Hope to see you again soon!

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